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Brinson Tales January 14, 2010

Spring Break 2010


As spring break had just dawned, Ben and I were telling Brinson of all the things to come and told him we needed to pack his bag to get ready to go to MeeMaw and Pops’ house.  Brinson leaves the room, and Ben and I continue to talk while sitting on the couch.  A minute later, Brinson comes in holding his Ernie, Abby, and Elmo toys and lugging his suitcase behind him, and exuberantly says, “Ready!”

He had taken what we said to heart and had opened his closet door to get his suitcase and made sure he had his bedtime friends with him, and he was ready to walk out the door!

February  8, 2010


I use an old recipe of brownies that has been passed through my family for years, and they have been true favorites for decades.  I recently made a batch of brownies for a Super Bowl party, and it seems that the love for these “Cotton Farm Brownies” has been passed onto Brinson as well.  Picture this…

Today, I am working in the kitchen preparing lunch, and I am here and there moving around and not paying attention to anything particular.  Brinson is with me taking things off the counter top and placing them on the floor in peculiar patterns, as he often does, and then he puts the items back onto the counter top when he is no longer amused by them. So, naturally, I did not think anything of it when he moves on to the next item and runs to the living room.  As I glance over to make sure wasn’t doing anything illegal, I see him with a foil package lying in front of him on the ottoman and a big brownie in his hand.  I cannot help but think it is quite humorous, so I grab the camera to take a picture… this is what he proceeds to do:

The silly boy smiles and says, “cheese!”  So, I pause to make this yet another teachable moment and tell him that he needs to ask before he takes something off of the counter.  I tell him he does not need a brownie, as lunch is merely minutes away, but this will not suffice.  As I try to take the foil wrapped brownies and the one in his hand, back into the kitchen, he aggressively moves his hand toward his mouth, the brownie breaks in two, and he immediately shoves the half into his mouth.

It is moments like those that make it hard to discipline the action because I want to laugh… however, we did speak about this event later on in the day, and I have undoubtedly learned my lesson… keep the sweets out of arm’s reach!

Nibbling on the stolen brownie prior to my taking them away…

February 4, 2010


While frantically looking for a misplaced object the other day, I stumbled upon an old Rubbermaid container in Brinson’s closet.  I opened it up, and there, inside, were many of Ben’s cars, trucks, army men, etc… from when he was a child.  Knowing that Brinson is currently loving the trucks and tractors, I sat the container on the floor for him to play with the toys… I did not know I was opening the door to hours of entertainment with some seriously vintage toys!  Brinson LOVES them, and it is the first thing he asks for in the morning (besides his oatmeal) and the last thing he puts down at night.  So, you’ve heard the saying, “they don’t make things like they used to…”  Well, that’s for sure… proof that 20 year old toys are still fun!

Brinson just had to bring in his step stool/ seat from the bathroom in order to sit comfortably while playing!

Oh, the sight… Vintage toys from yesteryear!

He cannot get enough! His MeeMaw and Pops are going to get more toys out of their attic for Brinson to play with.  My mom only has Barbies and old dolls in her attic… that’s what 3 girls wanted… Guess it’s good I married a boy!

January 2010

Let the Adventure Begin!

Although he is not yet ready, Ben and I have decided to begin getting Brinson acquainted with the idea of potty training.  So, we bought him a cute little potty and taught him what we do with the potty.  The first day we had it, Brinson wanted to sit on the potty, just for the heck of it.  But the funniest part of it was that he had Ben’s XBOX controller in his hand at the time.  Oh goodness… Of course, I had to capture it on camera.  Too funny!


6 Responses to “Brinson Tales”

  1. Sarah aka Aunt Rahrah Says:

    Oh my goodness he is growing so quickly! I need to see him! That smile is just too adorable! Glad he is loving Ben’s old toys!

  2. meemaw Says:

    Wow! Those toys bring back so many memories. Brinson reminds me of Ben and especially the way he loved trucks. Glad those toys could be used again.

  3. MiMi Says:

    This is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. You have some of the most wonderful pictures and saying of little Brinson. While I am writing, you will never know how much we appreciated the note of thanks we received this week. You and Elaine are the only people who sent a note. We are so glad we can share with all of you how God has blessed us. We don’t expect anything from anyone but it is surely nice just to have a thank you once in a while. PaPa has never been known for being stingy and we decided to share now while we can. If we get in a bind, we are coming to your house!!! I am sure you would love that, haha. Keep posting now that I know how to see all this technology at work. Miki Helped me. MiMi

  4. pops Says:

    I agree with 0ur MIMI, yall site here is great. I have read all of it and it warms my heart and soul. I am so gratefull that on this sat. of EASTER, I can look back over my shoulder and see that almighty GOD has blessed and worked and intervened in ways that we could never imagine. I thank GOD frequently for my MIKI and then I think of BEN, ASHLEY, and SARAH and of course my little friend BRINSON. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the idea that GOD coulda had me born in UGANDA as a skinny black person, maybe a woman, married to a man who has many wifes and the poverty I would be beseiged with. Yet, GOD has made me an american, has saved my soul (THE GREATEST THING EVER) and blessed me with my Martin family in parnets that made me who I am, All those GRANDMAS that nurtured me, and now, MY MIKI and all the MIETH clan. LORD GOD I thank you. I thank you for having blessed BEN and ASHLEY in such huge and evident ways…… Lets all celebrate tomorrow and know that the POWER of the RESURRECTION is the greatest power of all.

  5. Love the site and the Pics of Brinson. Not sure of who belongs to the nicknames but I do know who put the site together and I say: Good job and what is really wrong with the name of the blog? BTW I’ve always been partial to blue eyes and blonde hair (stolen brownie pic) and yes I know it’s red! What that story about you and the red hairaaa/

  6. Love the site and the Pics of Brinson. Not sure of who belongs to the nicknames but I do know who put the site together and I say: Good job and what is really wrong with the name of the blog? BTW I’ve always been partial to blue eyes and blonde hair (stolen brownie pic) and yes I know it’s red! What that story about you and the red hair?

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