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The day I had a policer officer draw his weapon on me February 1, 2012

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Went to Lubbock for doctor appt. and didn’t tell my mom n law we were coming earlier in the day.  She got a new alarm system two weeks ago and we forgot about it. Walk and alarm goes off and ashley has the wrong code.  She calls her mom gets the right code by now.  The alarm is going nuts. I turn the alarm off.  While I was turning it off a voice talked to me and i thought it was a computer voice.  So i cancelled it because the alarm was off.  Well ashley puts rylan down for a nap and leaves for Hobby Lobby (surprise).  Ashley leaves through the front door that doesn’t latch well in the first place and surprise it doesn’t latch (I didn’t know that it didn’t latch).  Brinson and I ate a snack and got some water.  Then all of sudden we hear two people yelling “Lubbock Police Lubbock Police!!! Get your hands up” (guns drawn) So I put my hands up and Brinson runs through the living room.

What I had done was cancelled a live person on the alarm system which then they alerted the police.  My mom n law didn’t pick her phone up when they called her and the 2nd emergency number was Ashley’s grandpa who didn’t know what was going on.  By the time my mom n law cancelled with the security system company the Lubbock Police had my hands in the air.  It also didn’t help the door didn’t latch well and it looked like a break in when the police showed up.

We talked it all out and then they started to do back track on having their guns drawn as Brinson ran through the living room.  I told the officer that they were doing their job.

So many people have asked well how did Brinson handle this?  Well as I was being interrogated (exaggerating they were very cordial) the female officer was waving and I look behind me and Brinson is being a bear and growling.  He had no clue what had just happened.  Then when I told him I appreciated him not freaking out he begins to tell me ” I was shot by the guy police officer”.  I told him no one shot you and they put their guns down.  It also helped that Rylan was woken up by loud yelling and was crying from the other room.  It helped sell my situation with the officer.

I promise this is a true story.  I can relate better to Jay-Z now, I got 99 problems …..