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What was read this week…. February 13, 2011

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What was read this week…

I am always a fan of Jason Whitlock and this week he brought the heat on the lack of responsibility of NFL players and how it effects the CBA …

Dan Le Batard (Bam!) writes a great sporting news piece on sport journalism and how is changing the game probably for the worse …

NFL Hall of Fame…fight

These sports writers are fighting like a bunch of sixth grade girls over a Justin Bieber poster.  It started with another Whitlock article and then it got ugly…

Then Len Pasquarelli took offense and started calling Whitlock an idiot.. … Apparently having an opinion is offensive.


Great read about bailouts…Yeah I know it is a little late but great read by two economists … Becker … and Posner … .  This was a homework reading for my economic class.

Everyone likes to talk about outrageous profits for health insurance companies but this blog puts into perspective what these “outrageous” profits really truly are…

I guess this weeks reading consisted a heavy dose of sports and economics.  Have a good one….


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