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Health Update / Prayer Request June 4, 2010

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I apologize it has been awhile since I have blogged but we had a very busy April and May.  So…My Bad…  I wanted to give every one (the two who read this) a medical update on my  health.  I did a pace maker check late April and the hospital called and told me that it was a good pacemaker check and that I don’t need another pacemaker check until I go for my annual check up in August.  In addition, to good pacemaker news I also received good blood work results four weeks ago.  I was having to get my blood work checked every other week and now I have to get it checked once a month which is really nice.  I am very thankful and blessed that God has sustained my heart for the last five months.  I am hoping to go to my annual appointment in August and I am anticipating a good result from the doctor.

Time for prayer requests.

My sister –  As i am writing this blog she has already finished her state boards for nursing and we are praying for good results and thankful that she will be done with tests for awhile.

Seventh Grade math teacher – Little weird that I am asking for prayer request for my seventh grade math teacher but she is the mother to one of my wife’s good friend who was also my seventh grade math teacher.  She is donating one of her kidney’s to her cousin.  They are going to have to travel across America for this procedure and having to live in that state for pretty much the month of June.  Her procedure is June 8th and if you would lift her up that would be great.

I am taking a Sales Management graduate level class for summer 1 and I will probably not be consistent on updating my blog.  I appreciate everyone reading and lifting me and these other individuals up to God in prayer.


2 Responses to “Health Update / Prayer Request”

  1. Sherry Brannon Turner Says:

    Wonderful news, Ben! God is so good to listen and answer our prayers. May you continue to receive excellent results on this! BTW—who is your 7th grade math teacher–was she/he here in Dalhart? I can’t remember—too many heart issues myself that has caused me to lose some long term memory. Keep those cute things coming about Brinson…what a joy to have you share with FB! Blessings to you and your precious family.

  2. Alycia Says:

    So glad that you are continuing to get good updates! We love you guys!

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