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Parental Hypocrisy May 3, 2010

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If you have ever had a blog on your mind for awhile but you just did not put it down in words, well this is the blog for me.  I had this blog in my mind after putting my son to bed a couple of months ago and it has just been building inside of me for while.

The evening I put my 22 month old child to bed he was not taking directions very well from his mother and I remember bending down on my knee and whispering into his ear that he needed to make a good decision and that was to get into bed for our nightly routine.  Then after that quick whisper he jumped into bed and in that moment I knew that my son loved me and the reason was because he had obeyed what I had asked him to do.  He had listened and followed my directions about jumping into bed, which was demonstration that he respected and loved me.

I promise this will all tie in together just let me get there.  One of things I was most excited about when I had a child was to experience the father and son relationship and apply that to my relationship with Christ.  I wanted to filter the Gospel through the viewpoint I now have as a father to a son and to apply that to the relationship I have with Christ.  I will now say two years with my son that it has been very beneficial to apply the relationship I have with my son and the decisions I have to make as a father to the role Christ has in our relationship.

Ashley and I have from the beginning made it known to our son that life is about making decisions and you can make good decisions or you can make bad ones.  In late winter and early spring we have been talking with him about being obedient when we ask him to do something or make a request.  I remember one of these times that I was having this conversation with my son and God tapped me on the shoulder and said where is your obedience, where are your good and bad decisions. Then in Church I felt God point out directions He wanted me to go and remind me that true love is  shown through obedience and respect.  Lately this weekend I have been working with Brinson on obedience because we are having some issues in this arena lately (could be mom is out of town this weekend).  One of the things we are working on is when I ask Brinson “What is the thing that Momma and Daddy wants you to do the most” and he is suppose to respond “obey”. (sometimes he says “shoes on” but that is for a different blog)

Then once again God is asking me where is my obedience and am I following his direction.  Then He gently reminds me that I am parenting out of hypocrisy because my obedience is lacking at the same degree as my son’s obedience.  I have enjoyed being a father for two years, one week, and two days for many reasons but one of the greatest reasons is so that my relationship with my son would mold me into a better son for my Heavenly Father.  That I would have the same persistence of teaching my son about obedience and I would apply that persistence to my obedience to Christ.

If there are any grammatical errors no blame goes to my wife because she had no dealings in the making of this blog post


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