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Uno…Dos April 23, 2010

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Sorry long time since we blogged and that is my bad and it hasn’t helped that we have had one crazy April.  If it helps at all I had many intentions to write a blog but just did not have the time.  My main reason to write this blog is because today is my son’s second birthday today, which for some reason feels bigger than the first birthday.  I think the reason it feels bigger is because he actually knows that something is going on.  For example, we ask him about his birthday and he would say “blow candles” and “cake”.  I wanted to write a top ten list of things that I have learned about being a father over the last two years.  So here we go …

1) Sleep is relative

2) I have learned to relax about how many toys we take on a road trip//my wife would disagree

3) I have also learned to relax on how many toys he takes to bed when he sleeps

4) Expect to get poop on me once a week.

5) Expect him not to fit in the clothes he fit into two weeks before

6) Remember the grace that God gave me and express the same grace to him

7) I did not expect to read the same book so many time in a row

8) Life gets better when he eats on his own

9) I am amazed how he wants to connect emotionally sometimes…(asks if you are o.k. “k?”)

10) I have learned that his mother and I want to speak the Gospel into him everyday.

It was a great day and only cried once and that was while I was putting him to bed.  I love that little boy.



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