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Pacemaker Download March 22, 2010

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Warning: This blog is written by Ben and was not edited at all by Ashley, therefore this should not reflect on her at all.

The reason that Ashley is not editing this is for two reasons; one is she said she doesn’t want to edit my blog posts anymore, and I am in Houston and she is back at the oil patch in Snooder (Snyder).  I am here at Texas Distance Learning Association conference (nerd alert) and since I am in Houston I thought I would run up to the Texas Children Hospital and get a pacemaker download (Thanks Andy Dennis).  So I went up there and the E.P. nurse decided to do a full work up on my pacemaker, which includes testing leads, battery life, and check the history of the pacemaker.

Well here is the news from the pacemaker check: In the last Fifty-Six days I have had Fifty-One arrhythmia issues.  The longest i have had arrhythmia issues was on February 5th for a minutes and a half.  In the month of March I have had one day of arrhythmia that lasted TWO seconds.  The quote from the E.P. nurse is was a “really good” pacemaker download.  One could tell that the more the medicine was in me the less arrhythmia issues I have had.  So it was a pretty good report and I appreciate the grace the Lord has granted on my heart.

If you think about it when I went down to Houston last time I had over TWO HUNDRED arrhythmia issues in ONE day.  So this has been a great decrease from previous months.  I appreciate everyone’s prayers, calls, facebook messages, twitters, and other notes.

The future is to check my pacemaker over the phone next month and if that is a good read I will just get a normal download in September during my annual doctor’s appointment.

Once again this content is not a representation of Ashley Martin’s writing ability at ALL this is all Ben Martin. Love You Sweetheart.




2 Responses to “Pacemaker Download”

  1. Bonky's Mama Says:

    Regarding the news posted by Ben, not Ashley, nor was it edited by Ashley…

    : )

    THANK GOD for this wonderful news! I’m so glad you guys got encouraging news today and that the meds are working! Praise God!

  2. babyboymartin Says:

    Benjamin, you are too funny! You did fine on this blog… did you re-read it before submitting it? 😉

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