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Needs All Around March 14, 2010

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Ben and I have been blessed to be surrounded by a number of wonderful friends, here in Snyder and abroad.  We have a good number of friends here in Snyder who have joined together to form a community group in which we get real about life and dive deep into truth with each other.  Just within our small group, we have a great number of needs that have come up within the last couple of months.  Today, we got to go to Lubbock to love on our good friends Phil and Shayna who unexpectedly had their baby girl, Brynli, 5 weeks early.

Brynli is doing well but certainly has a long row to hoe before she will be released from the NICU.  She has to drink 50 cc’s at each feeding before she will be allowed to go home, and she is currently bouncing between 15 and 27 cc’s.  We are praying specifically that she will be able to drink the necessary 50 cc’s and have a remarkably healthy life.  We ask that you pray for them with us…  They are precious believers in the LORD, and we wait and watch expectantly for what the LORD will do!

Ben and I have been talking about how our prayer list for babies and new parents has been getting longer and longer as of late.  It’s really impressive how so many of our closest friends and relatives have current needs. In reality, the needs of others are always at hand, albeit, some are not ever made known.  Isn’t that our job as the church to meet the needs of others and show the love and compassion of Christ?  When you begin to look around, the needs of the community can be quite overwhelming. But we draw from the well of encouragement because we know that our LORD is more than capable of not only meeting said needs but far outreaching our greatest of expectations within our needs.  We have seen Him do this many times in our own lives and know that He is truly our Provider… our Comforter… our Hope.

We also want to say a quick congratulations to our friends Michael and Abby who just had a healthy, and beautiful, baby girl Adele. We pray continually for them as they adjust to life with a newborn and for sweet Adele as she learns to feed efficiently and grow, grow, grow!   Thank you, LORD, for meeting our needs!


2 Responses to “Needs All Around”

  1. Michael Criner Says:

    Thanks for your love and support!! Care you guys deeply!

  2. Alycia Says:

    We’re definitely still thinking about you guys and so thankful that you are faithful to post these updates. Love you!

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