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Pacemaker Check March 1, 2010

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This last Thursday was my first pacemaker check since I left the hospital in January so, Ashley and I were interested to see what the pacemaker check would let us know.  Let me go back a little bit and explain how I am a bad patient, and it starts five years ago.  Once they put in my pacemaker, they gave me some equipment where I am able to do pacemaker checks from the house and not have to go to a doctor’s office to get it checked.  For this machine, you need a home phone service and you need a phone that is NOT cordless.  Well, since I am a millennial, I don’t have either. Ashley and I only have a cell phone, but Ashley has a phone with a cord that works but is only used for decoration.  Therefore, I never did pacemaker checks, one because I was not sick, and two because I was never pacing because at my annual appointment I was receiving good reports.  But since this new little health wrinkle I need to call in my pacemaker to get it checked.

At the doctor’s office, they have a pacemaker machine that can download and tell you all you want to know about the previous history on your pace maker.  The home machine can only tell you about how good the battery life is (obviously important to know) and it will perform an EKG.  Well, on Thursday I did my pace maker check at a good friend’s house, and on Friday I called the EP nurse to get the results.  The battery life is good, and at the moment I was doing the pacemaker check, the EKG read out normal.  I will be in Houston for a conference in March, and I am going to swing by the doctor’s office to get a pace maker download from them so we can get the full details.

This week I have felt good, and I am learning my new boundaries. It is difficult for me because some times I just want to push through, but sometimes I do have to realize that I must not push the limits too much.


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  1. Bonkys Mama Says:

    Praising God for good news!

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